Janis Doukakis
Making art was pretty much all I ever wanted to do as a kid. My mother recognized this very early on, (I think I was three), and was very happy and proud to do all that she could to support and encourage it! I would draw and paint for hours. I would collect and arrange things into collages. I would write stories and illustrate them. I would make things.Jan_1072_RT

As I got a little older, I painted murals and entered art contests. As a teenager, I took oil painting lessons, and painted landscapes. I always had lots of art materials to experiment with, and most of all, I had the free time to do it all in.
Now I get to have fun making art with lots of really great kids at Cedarcreek Elementary. We’ve been showing our work and winning art competitions in our community for the past 5 years. Our art projects have been featured in magazines too.
My favorite color as a kid was Sky Blue. It still is!