The Dot Lesson Plan

International Dot Day, a celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration.

THE DOT, by Peter Reynolds, 2003
This lesson plan celebrates International Dot Day with a student art exhibition based on the color study Farbstudie Quadrate, by the French Expressionist, Wassily Kandinsky, well known for his color theory.
In honor of The Dot, students are introduced to the experimentation with color mixing, and create a piece of art to be part of a large, collaborative exhibit.

TIP: Play music in the background during art-making as Kandinsky often did!

Grade Level: K–4th grade
Objective: Time Required: 1 45-min. class period
Students celebrate creativity, courage and collaboration by making Kandinsky inspired artwork in celebration of International Dot Day, September 15th-ish.

National Core Arts Standards
Creating: #2, 3
Presenting/Producing: #5, 6
Responding: #8, 9
Connecting: #11




Primary Color

Secondary Color


Color Theory



Faber-Castell Tempera Paint
Faber-Castell Oil Pastels or Crayons
Brushes – medium and small
Faber-Castell 9×12 Watercolor Paper

The Dot Lesson Plan

Teaching color mixing: Show how to mix primary colors (red, yellow and blue) to create secondary colors (orange, purple and green.) Show how to add more or less of one color to another for a range of the new color. For example, more yellow added to green makes a lime green. Add white to a color to create a lighter tint. Add black to a color to create a darker shade. Experiment, and always keep colors clean by rinsing brushes in water between dipping in colors.
Step 1:
International Dot Day Lesson Plan

Begin by having students draw a 7 x 7-inch square on a 9 x 12 inch paper. Make crop marks at corners. A template or T-square and ruler may be used. Next, have them paint a big dot of color in the center of the square.


Step 2:

International Dot Day Lesson Plan


Show students how to paint four to five concentric rings of color in various thicknesses around the dot.



Step 3:

International Dot Day Lesson Plan

Paint the rest of the square. Let dry.



Step 4:
International Dot Day Lesson Plan


Demonstrate how to add design detail with paint, pastel or crayon. Make contrasting dots, lines and squiggles! Finally, have students cut out their square of art, using crop marks as guides.


Determine the size and dimension of the wall exhibit you will have by counting the pieces of art and figuring how many rows across and down there will be. The exact size of the overall piece will be determined by the number of pieces of art. Create a backing made of butcher paper at the determined size onto which to arrange and glue the squares. Create a truly collaborative experience by having students help!

International Dot Day Lesson Plan

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International Dot Day Lesson Plan






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