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The holidays are my favorite time to craft with the kids. Even though it is one of the busiest times of the year, it is important to set time aside to bond and learn those life lessons and motor skills they will carry with them forever.


Benefits of Crafting with Kids


These pinecone turkeys are a fun and easy way to teach simple tracing, cutting and gluing skills, while discussing the importance of Thanksgiving – it’s so much more than mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie (although those are yummy and important too)!


And while you have the supplies handy, let the kids help you add holiday spirit to your Thanksgiving table by turning these turkeys in to cute and functional place card holders.


How to Make Thanksgiving Pinecone Turkey Craft


Here’s what you’ll need:

pinecone turkey craft supplies



Pinecone Turkey Video:




Pinecone Turkey Instructions:


1. Trace hand on construction paper.

trace hand on construction paper


2. Cut out.

cut hand out of construction paper


3. Write what you’re Thankful for on each finger.

(Or guest’s name for a Thanksgiving dinner place card holder!)

write what you're thankful for


4. Draw and cut diamond shape from orange construction paper.

cut turkey beak out of construction paper


5. Fold in half for beak.

fold beak in half


6. Glue googly eyes on pinecone.

glue googly eyes on pinecone


7. Glue beak below eyes.

glue beak to pinecone


8. Glue hand to flat part of pinecone.

glue hand to pinecone


9. Let dry and ENJOY!

enjoy pinecone turkey


With a few basic supplies, thankful hearts and a bit of creativity, it’s easy to add a little handmade love and fun to your holidays!


May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, cheer, and full bellies!


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